Our Youth Development

We are intentional about creating career pathways into AIT for youth from disadvantaged backgrounds. Educational development is among the top priorities within our environmental & social governance strategy, partnering with foundations who work in early childhood development & basic education.

Utilising a bottom up approach, we donate to our partner organisations educational programmes ranging from school feeding schemes, supplementary learning support & university scholarships for learners looking to enter into bulk commodity industries.

Power Girl Foundation


The Power Girl Foundation’s mission is to provide assistance to under privileged school learners providing mentorship and training to access higher education. The Powergirl Foundation works with schools in under resourced communities to provide information, create funding opportunities as well to motivate young learners to be proactive in building the lives they dream of.



Rethusahetse assists in ensuring early child development by contributing towards school uniforms, stationery & household food parcels.

Rethusahetse is not only focused on providing sustenance for young learners but also in developing young minds through psycho social support services, supporting spirti based organisation within the community that provide outlets for youth looking to socialise.

Invite The Power Girl Foundation
to give a talk at your school

Shine A Light On Young Minds

The Power Girl Foundation runs annual career expos & university readiness workshops throughout rural and peri urban high schools in South Africa. You can invite The Power Girl Foundation to engage your grade 11 and 12 students to discuss

  • Career Planning
  • University Entry Requirements
  • Higher Education Funding

Apply on the link above to request a call with The Power Girl Foundation.