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An African Trading House of the Future

Founded in 2017, AIT built its foundation as a pit-to-port solution for bulk commodities trading, servicing both in land and export customers across the globe. AIT continues to invest resources that enable the organisation to spot gaps and opportunities in the global energy mix, providing AIT with the capabilities to supply minerals that power growing economies. AIT continues to establish itself as Africa’s preferred bulk commodities trading house, working towards a portfolio of diverse energy producing minerals.

AIT At a Glance


Moving over
2 million metric tonnes
of bulk commodities per annum


Serving markets in over
4 continents


Innovative supply chain management providing opportunities for supplier development


Diversified leadership
& ownership

A glimpse from the 19th Annual Southern Africa
Coal conference

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Our CEO Denga Kwinda participated in the Future Opportunities for Emerging Miners panel.

In response to concerns over Eskom’s growing coal shortfall, panel members shared insights on how best to tackle this challenge. Kwinda reiterated the role of emerging miners in contributing to Eskom’s supply chain, emphasising the quick wins that can be achieved from partnering with miners who can commit set loads to the utility.

“We have earmarked some of our mines that can provide a steady flow of coal to the utility and further bolster their reserves” said Kwinda.

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We Are Lead By Our Values



We believe that in order to achieve growth, we must create an environment where diverse minds can come together and collaborate.

We have built an inclusive supply chain made up of mutually beneficial partnerships. We strive to develop our suppliers and do more business for the better, growing the businesses and communities we work with.


In order to ensure high levels of accountability in delivering on our trades, we have invested heavily in taking ownership at various levels of our value chain.

Our efficiencies are enabled by the trust we have earned with our clients and suppliers. We lead all relationships with honesty, transparency and reliability.



With the evolving energy landscape, it is important that we maintain a supply chain that is innovative and adaptable to diverse markets and commodities.

Our trades are shaped by our ability to spot opportunities for astute investment and growth.

While still employing traditional solutions, we are proactively developing solutions that can adapt to the future of sustainable and environmentally friendly energy trading.